Aidipsos Tower

An important monument of the Frankish rule is preserved in the location of Agia Paraskevi. It is a Venetian square tower of the 14th century that is preserved at a considerable height. Near it is the small church of Agia Paraskevi which, due to its small size and its proximity to the monument of the Frankish occupation, the locals call it Fragoula. It is a single room temple with a semicircular niche dating back to the 18th century.

TheHistoryPastof Aidipsos


The unique healing properties of the waters were a source of inspiration for mythology. An ancient Greek myth says that the goddess Athena asked her brother Hephaestus to create the baths of Edipsos, so that her beloved hero Heracles could rest here after every struggle.


From ancient times, Aidipsos was known for its beneficial subsoil and especially for its hot thermal springs and were known from the time of Aristotle 384-332 BC. The "Hellopia" of the Ionians in the "Histories of Herodotus," the "Edipsos" mentioned in Aristotle's "Meteorology," in Pliny's "Natural History," the Edipsos in Strabo's "Geography," "in the Edipsos of Evia, " By Plutarch, the Leipsos of popular tradition and the Lyssos of Alexander Moraitides, it is but a long historical reference to the same city, the Loutropolis of Aidipsos. It remains unknown when and by whom it was built, however, it is certain that the thermal water was known before from the 4th century BC, since according to the descriptions of Strabo it was called "Therma of Herakleus".


It is also mentioned that the goddess Hera advised Deucalion and Pyrrha to bathe in the warm waters of the springs, in order to have many strong children. After a while they gave birth to Hellene, progenitor of the Hellenic races. The spa town experienced great prosperity in the Roman years (100 BC-100 AD). The Roman general Sulla created the first baths here and organized banquets. Experience your own myth of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The Best Beaches Near Aidipsos

There are 3 beaches in the town of Aidipsos, the central beach, the thermal springs beach and St. Nikolaos Beach, all with crystal clear waters and sand, suitable for kids and families. You can also find at the area some of the most beautiful beaches of Evoia.

Psaropouli - Vasilika

Psaropouli is located by the sea of the village of Vasilika and is particularly famous for family holidays. It is about 4-5 km long and has sunbeds and refreshments, but there is also plenty of space to spread out your towel on the gravel. Thus, it offers the possibility to take your bath among a lot of people or alone... As one wishes!


Five kilometers north of Istiaia there is the settlement of Kanatadika on a beautiful 5 kilometer long beach. It is an organized beach with sunbeds and a beach bar, while there is the possibility of water sports. It has crystal clear waters and coarse sand on the beach and in the sea, which makes for a perfect picture!

Neos Pyrgos

The beach of Neos Pyrgos is located right after the village of Orei. It has a very large area and is sand, but also fine gravel. Most of it is organized with beach bars and restaurants, but you can choose to sit in an unorganized area.


A favorite beach of Northern Evia in Greece, since it has very fine sand. In the middle of the sea there is a small island with the church of Agios Nikolaos, which you can also visit while swimming. It is not organized, but it has several restaurants, where you can get all the necessary supplies.


The continuation of Kanatadika beach, going towards Oreus, is Tsokaitis. The crystal clear, crystal clear waters of the sea, the fine pebbles and the sand combined with the natural beauty are an attraction for many vacationers. Long coastline and sandy beach. Ideal for rackets and beach soccer. The sea is almost always "oil".


Next to Neo Pyrgos there is the beautiful Nisiotissa beach. It is so called because at a distance of a few meters from the shore there is a very small island with some ruins on its top. Small pebble, clear blue waters and plenty of space to leave your things.


A beach for all tastes, since in some places it has fine and coarse sand, while in others it is pebble. The largest part of Pefki beach is organized. It has sunbeds, restaurants and a place for Beach Volley. In addition, you have the possibility to do water sports and spend carefree moments. Ideal for families with children.


The beach of Oreoi has crystal clear waters. It is the beach of the homonymous village and although it is not organized, it is preferred for its sand and blue waters.


The beach of Agiokampos stretches along the length of the village, to the right and left of the ferry. It is organized with sunbeds and restaurants, but also has an unorganized beach area. Coarse sand, relatively shallow and crystal clear waters. One of the best for family holidays. Agiokampos is connected by ferry to Glyfa.
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