Beaches – Loutra Aidipsos


Throughout North Evia the coastline is constantly changing. Rocky beaches, large or small pebbles or beaches reminiscent of exotic islands with fine sand. So it is no coincidence that many visitors choose Evia as their summer destination.

The Western side has calm waters, quite warm, with a blue color, ideal for families and all ages, they are considered among the cleanest in Greece. The North side has deeper water with small currents that keep it constantly cool and clear. On the Eastern side the landscape changes, looking towards the Aegean the sea is deep blue, calm but also intense several times with sandy beaches.

Edipsos Beaches and Spas: You can swim in the sandy beach of Edipsos Baths with the thermal springs that flow from the rock. Characteristic of the beaches in Loutra Edipsos, rocky beaches that alternate between pebbles and sand, with warm and lukewarm waters. Ideal for families since they are relatively shallow and without currents.


Agios Nikolaos: With the clear blue waters and the beautiful sandy beach. Here, in the tavernas by the sea, you will enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

Paralia Ilion: This small fishing village is waiting for you to taste the seafood of the Euboea and swim in the turquoise pebble beach.

Fteri - Riviera: It has an organized beach with a beach bar, and a long sandy beach. Ideal for families and young audiences.

Porto Pefko: Among the pine trees, with fine sand and an organized beach bar, it is a proposition for those who want to be embraced by the bay overlooking the town of Edipsos, in crystal deep waters.

Mylos: A dreamy landscape, clear blue, crystal waters, tranquility where the green of the pines meet the blue of the sea.

Golden Coast: As the name suggests, the beach of the golden coast has fine white gold sand, one of the best beaches in the area. Enjoy your coffee at the beach bar and for the more adventurous there are also water sports.

Kavos – Lihadonisia: The Seychelles of Greece, as many call them. The vast expanse of the beach of Kavos and in a breath by boat the fine sand at Lihadonisia. These volcanic islets are a magnet for visitors and small boats. With a very good beach bar you have an unforgettable time.

Agiokampos: In the port of Agiokampos you will find well-organized beach bars and a beach for young and old. Fine sand, cool waters and blue-green color. Nisiotissa – Oreoi: Passing Pyrgos, we come across the beach of Nisiotissa, we are impressed by the fine golden sand, but also by the islet that was once connected to the mainland.

Tsoukaitis – Kanatadika: The beach of Tsoukaitis is known to young and old alike. Its large area, its cool waters and the many beach bars are the reasons that make this beach so famous. Next to it is the Livari wetland and the beach at Kanatadika.

Pefki: One of the most famous beaches of N. Evia, due to its large area, fine sand and the port that connects Evia with Skiathos - Skopelos.

Psaropouli – Greek: After Gouves the road alternates between pine trees and olive trees until the picturesque Agriovotanos with its nice view. From here we will meet the Greek Islands to descend to the sandy beach of Agios Nikolaos and the islet of the same name. A little further, we find Psaropouli beach with its long sandy beach and many tavernas.

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